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More Roles Than You’d Think!

Policing has changed greatly over the years as technology has developed. Almost every element of police work involves computers in some way – for example, using speed cameras or analysing fingerprints.

Police officer roles can vary greatly – here are some examples of specialist areas:

  • Major Incidents
  • Fraud Squad
  • Drugs Squad
  • Special Branch
  • Licensing
  • Custody
  • Computer Investigations
  • Motorcycles
  • Firearms
  • Armed Crime
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Road Policing
  • Training
  • Domestic Violence
  • Air Support
  • Surveillance
  • Dog Handler
  • Football Intelligence

Could You?

There is a website that explains everything about joining the Police.

Police Officers


  • Minimum age 18
  • No height restrictions
  • No educational requirement, but you have to pass written tests
  • Best to get fit before you try to get in! Fitness test – need to be reasonably fit and run short distances fairly quickly, later there will be a medical exam
  • Full eligibility details




  • Similar to police officer
  • Remember you will be dealing with the public so certain tattoos and piercings may be unacceptable. Check with us
  • Need to: be able to deal with complex situations, display maturity, communicate well, have stamina, show sensitivity but be thick-skinned!
  • Guide to becoming a PCSO



To be a police officer or PCSO, you do not need any particular qualifications, however communication skills are very important and it is essential for candidates to have good spoken and written communication skills. Every individual who wishes to join the police have to take tests which measure these skills.